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I love this game it's so fun and I can't stop playing it!

Best Simon-Based game I ever played!!

Very addicting and fun lol. First time i got to like lvl3, a day later it's lvl6. one tip i would give is to see where the peices are around the octagon and look for a rhythmic pattern. Colors too if you arent a tryhard. 5/5, maybe try experimenting with a 4 button version :D?

It's fun

Its fun but gets pretty hard. And when I lose, it scares me to death cause im not expecting an annoying sound & something to pop up on my screen lol.


Great game it's really fun

it's ok

shouldn't said mean words about it in my last review.

Free Fun For All

Really Addicting, Beautiful Colors and fun for people, I like to pass it back and forth with my brother, and whoever makes us both lose wins! Great Family Fun, and you don't have to spend a Penny! 5 Out Of 5 Stars!


It's fun and easy (tip: classic is easier than color!)

Fun and entertaining

Great game and it's free! The colors are great, too

Play this game!

Simple but engaging. Enjoyable pastime.

fun, just one suggestion

please make an offline scoreboard :)

Really fun

This game is really fun! Buy it!!!!!

Love it!

Very addicting, I didn't realize how bad my memory was. Great, fun to practice.

Who knew?

I don't really like it. Free, which is why i gave it 3 stars..

My Favorite Games List!

I love games that are fun and engaging. My favorites are RubyRepeat, Uni Sudoku and Starfaces HD! You got to try them all!

Family fun!

I really enjoy this game, especially playing with my 7 year old. It is challenging for us both! The colrs and sounds are pleasing and I like the two choices of solid color or multicolor. It's a beautiful game and a nice way to pass the time in the waiting room with the kids while still engaging their brains!


Reminds me of the simon (?) game I loved and played as a kid. :D I wish it would repeat the pattern after a miss though.

New and Improved!

The new version is a great improvement. The web-based high score submission let's you keep tabs on the competition. Sound and screen contrast have been enhanced and a new 'color' mode comes in handy. This is a free app really worth holding on to.

Ohhhh ya babie!!!!!!

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It's good for your brian


A take off of the old game Simon, but still fun - a great exercise for your memory. Graphic could maybe be a little bigger.

It's a start

I echo the other reviews in calling for more colors, sound, and most importantly brighter flashes so that one can actually see the pattern. I lost 4 games in a row before I saw my first flash and was able to figure out that it was the game and not me. Its a start but I deleted it until it gets improved.

A good idea, poorly implemented.

This could have been the next Simon, but it's a pile of puke. The flashing light isn't bright enough. What they should have done is have various colors instead of just one, that would make it a little easier. Some audio would be nice, and a high score page would be nice. Oh well, maybe when and if they update this, they will implement some of these ideas. For now, I'll be deleting it.

Not so good

Very low volume, weak color and lighting. It would be nice if there were different colors and brighter It really gets boring

good idea but..

I deleted and got jirbo says also for free . it's much better than this version of simon says.


this good!

Not great, but it's free

This isn't really lacks the few things that made Simon playable. But it's free, and so you might as well download it.


Played it a few times- seemed buggy, appeared to get stuck a lot, very slow response time. And pretty boring. Deleted it.

annoying flickers

unplayable because of the annoying flickers and tiny buttons. no fun to it at all.

Awesome app except...

There has to be a lot more features like changing the speed.

Cute, but...

OK. Couple things here. It would be great if there could be a setting for speed. The app is a bit slow to begin each new sequence (uhm, how slow could a random number generating function really be?) - and the actual playing back of the sequence, is dog slow. Some folks might like slow, some folks do like faster - or rather, the ability to choose. Next, well - as opposed to Simon, there's no different colors, so, all you have is position and musical tone. Unfortunately, the tones don't correlate. I mean, if there's going to be eight tones, at least make them ascending or descending, clockwise or counterclockwise - if not, have them be notes on a scale, with the eighth being the octave. But, as it is now - the two bottom pads have the same note, the only two that do, and the other ones almost, but don't quite correlate, in terms of high or low on the wheel matching high or low note pitch. So... an odd combination of too simple (slow...) with arbitrarily complex (pads that almost kinesthetically intuitively correlate location with pitch, but not quite) (two pads with the same note, all others different). In short: nice to look at, but quirky. User options to customize all this, and it'd be a fun little game - even worth a buck or two.

Eh... It's ok.

The lights could be a lot brighter, and the speed could get a little faster. I enjoy 'says' much better. I'm deleting this right now.

Good idea, needs features

Good: This game is a perfect fit for the iPhone interface - great concept. Bad: Way too easy, and takes forever because of the slow pattern speed. What needs improvement: Better sound tones, adjustable speed (or automatic speed increase as the game goes on to make it challenging), multiple colored buttons (like the real Simon Says), score keeping, multi-touch (2 buttons at once) could be cool.... The first time I played it, I didn't lose. Ever. I stopped playing after 20 minutes because it was taking so long to get challenging. Because of this, I won't be keeping it - but I'd try it again if some features were added.


This puzzle game is based upon one of my favorite memory games. But, like the other guy said, the lights should be brighter because sometimes it is hard to see them out of periphiel vision. Maybee they could be differenty colored, too. Overall, it is a good game.

just like the old times

This game reminded me of the game I used to play before it broke. This game is just harder and more fun overall. I would like it to save scores though.


Closes as soon as I open it on my touch.

Hate it.

People, how can you like this..this....THING!!? I mean, watching grass grow is more fun!!

Could barely use it. Hard to see.

There are other free applications ('Says', for e.g.) that makes it much easier to see what blinks. It is a good attempt. Better luck in the future.

Not compelling

As the run of flashes got longer and longer, I found I didn't really fell compelled to follow along. I gave up after the first loss, so perhaps I'm missing out, but I think it would be better to give different medium lengths runs each time and not simply get longer and longer ad infinitum.

Decent Game

Decent Simon Says style game. It'd be nice if it kept track of scores and had a high score list.

Lame game.

Slow and boring.

A nice start

It desperately needs scoring. Good timewaster.


As far as "Simonesque" memory games go this one's OK. The extra segments add more challenge but it's a little too confusing without different colors. Additionaly I wasn't the biggest fan of the sounds. A high score board wouldve been super too..

Do not install it

You can not see the light or hear the sound ...... What game is this ??

needs a bit more

I see that someone else has already said that it needs to store high scores. Sound would also be nice. I downloaded the app, played it twice and then removed it.

Fun, but nowhere to keep high score

See my title

Needs Tweeking

You can barely see the rubies light up, let alone hear them. It's also pretty slow. Fun classic, but this version needs improvement.

Possible fun app that needs more

The idea for this app is a good one, however more time needs to be spent on the interface, effects, and sound. My main concern for this app is the sound. The sound effects are barely audible. My second concern are how the pieces light up. If the iPhone is held in such a way that a reflection of light is caught on the screen, it is impossible to see if a piece has been illuminated. Lastly, the game board can be made to look much better. Currently the app looks as though it were written hastily. Should these items be resolved in a future update, then I would re-load the app back to my phone.

Fun, Familiar Concept, Needs Design Update

This game is good, but with some user interface tweaks it could be great. My 5 year old couldn't figure out this game and got quickly bored. With [A] More contrast in the UI - the lit up "facets" don't provide enough contrast for a mobile device. And [B] more obvious cues that you completed a round successfully. This game would be great.

Fun Game


Pretty Fun

My kids like to play it. It has crashed my ipod a few times though.

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